Jan Wille

The paintings of Jan Wille, Flemish impressionist, capture the glory of nature with oils applied in many delicate layers. The combination of many layers of opaque paint builds a relief surface on some paintings that gives his impressionistic painting style a fresh look.

The subjects of Jan's compositions take the viewer on a journey out of doors, to Belgium, France, Italy and Greece. The sun shines hot yellow, breezes blow the linden trees, water reflects a golden city and creates a calming unity of light on water.

Flowers are a favorite element in Jan's compositions and they appear often. Of them he says, "Irises are my favorite flower; they are like dancing ballerinas. Each one has its own personality. With their leaves hanging down, they are flying away. Each species (of iris) has its own colors. Soft colors are more female, bold colors are more male. Their ruffles are like lace.

Most flowers are not symmetrical - straight lines just don't fit. You will notice that Van Gogh's buildings don't have straight lines at all. He painted his buildings with curves."

Jan fuses light and color to create his own impressionistic style. Nature in all forms is his inspiration, and he especially delights in the sunlight of France. Jan Wille paints the places he loves with tender sensitivity, and expresses his vibrant personality in each composition.

- LM Erricson

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