Alessandro Tofanelli

The artist graduated from the Institute of Art of Lucca and also attended the Academy of Art in Brea. During the late 1970’s he made illustrations for Rizzoli and Mondadori, two prominent publishers in Italy.

In 1975 he was awarded first prize among young painters for “the Resistance” (the painting is on display in the Gallery of Modern Art of Lucca), and also won the prize in the “Ina-Touring Competition” at the Palace Chokes in Florence where he was recognized as the most promising young Italian artist. These excellent debuts were later confirmed by other awards: the Giotto gold medal in 1984, Under 35 of Bologna in 1987, Prize Wave Verde of Florence, and prize Mediterranean Ibla.

The following is a partial list of notable exhibitions of his art: Gallery of Contemporary Art in Arezzo, 1983; International of Contemporary Art in Milan, 1986; Galleria Seen in London; The Jellyfish Gallery in New York; International Art Fair in Istanbul, 1995; Halex Ho Gallery in Hong Kong, 1997; Trade Center in Singapore, 1998; Rutzmoser Art Gallery in Munich, 1999; Albemarle Gallery in London; Himmelberger Gallery in San Francisco, 2007; Himmelberger Gallery (My Land), 2008. The art of Alessandro Tofanelli are an important part of private and public, national and international collections.

The versatile artist Tofanelli has always combined his painting with his activities as a photographer and video documentarian. He has made numerous videos aired on the Italian network RAI (especially for scientific naturalistic programs like Green Wave, Geo etc.). He was honored at the San Francisco film festival in 2005 for his award winning film, Unnatural (Contronatura). Directed by Alessandro Tofanelli this stunning black-and-white film contrasts the existential differences between rural woodcutter Giacomo (Andrea di Stefano, Before Night Falls) and local pharmacist's wife Francesca (Valeria Cavalli, Everybody's Fine) in this romantic drama.

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