Mission of the Gallery

Himmelberger Gallery, located in San Francisco, was originally founded as Gallery Europa on June 27, 1998, in Palo Alto, California. The 'Dedication', contained within the book 'Community of the World', was conceived and written prior to the opening of Gallery Europa, in 1998. 'Dedication' is the mission statement for Gallery Europa, and subsequently Himmelberger Gallery. The 'Dedication', written in English, and translated into thirty-four other languages, honors all human beings world wide by including most, but not all, commonly used languages today. The 'Dedication' welcomes every person, regardless of nationality, gender, age, culture, education or choice of religion. In essence, the 'Dedication' is an out pouring of the joy found in creative expression that I personally extend to you, not only from the words I write here, but from the out reach of my hand, as I greet you. May we only be divided by walls to show us art. Welcome.

L.M. Erricson
17 October 2007

Community of the World is available for purchase at Himmelberger Gallery where you can read our mission statement in 33 other languages.