David Kawecki

The Platonic solids were known in ancient Greece, and several thousand years earlier in what is now Scotland. The five archetypal figures are extremely ancient. Their origins and that of geometry itself are shrouded in mystery and cults. Analogous to Arnold Schönberg's modern 12 tone music, conceived early in the 20th century upon the foundation of the system of equal temperament promoted by Sebastian Bach 150 years earlier, the sculptures of San Francisco artist David Kawecki correspond to his own permutations of the Platonic solids.

In a project spanning his lifetime, David Kawecki has developed a kind of spatial research that has included an inquiry into these archetypal forms, and Form in a sense more generalized than the spatial. In the 1970's, with the introduction of Computer Aided Design (CAD), his project accelerated with the new facility of modeling made possible. Now after more than 30 years of CAD explorations these experiments have reached a state of knowledge and his recognition that they can be none other than works of art.

These artistic abstractions created by welding steel are defined forms that have an amorphous character. The sculptures of David Kawecki have a regular irregularity that has a harmonious voice of discordance. His art needs to be experienced rather than talked about.

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