Konstantin Grabowski

The paintings of Konstantin Grabowski show off the Siberian artistís use of texture and subtle coloration in compositions based on medieval settings. The paintings are rich in relief and piled high with layers of paint that hint of snow, worn stone and ancient tradition. Looking at Konstantinís work is like taking a stroll through an ancient city with all the modern conveniences close by.

Architectural shapes loom forth from the shadows. Some, like turrets and aqueducts are easily recognizable, but other forms only hint at a stone wall or an ancient ruin as they appear and recede in space.

The paintings impart the coolness of stone and the sparseness of a city walk in another time. There are castles and spires, drawbridges and motes, peaks and secret passages all hidden within the tumbles of geometric form. The use of color is vague and gradual; the shapes are what you see and pay attention to. As a counterpoint there are infrequent and boldly painted geometric shapes which accent the paintings with passion, energy and clarity.

Konstantin adds another layer of painting that looks like etching or drawing on top of an otherwise completed composition. The second layer appears like handwriting or even lace, enhancing the paintings with further details.

Konstantinís paintings are modern and light, infused with the marks of time but also bringing to mind the energy of youth. Heavy stone buildings float in space as gracefully as a gondola glides through the canals in Venice. Crisp, vivid triangles of color blast through a snowy town of cold cathedrals. The heavy qualities of the former times are made new with hope and decorated for a bright future at the hand of this talented painter.

L.M. Erricson

Grabowski's past exhibitions