Franco Fortunato

In the Italian language the word 'fortunato' translates into English as lucky, fortunate; and happy. It is no coincidence that the artist from Rome, Franco Fortunato, shares this name as it personifies him perfectly. Like all great artists Fortunato is unique; there is no other artist in the world like him.

His educational background is in science. He began his artistic work with the figurative group of the artist Babuino. Franco then developed his art in cycles: beginning with Histories of the Park, Bums, Stories for Europe (dedicated in 1992 to the dawning European Union), and continuing to Pinocchio in 1994. He then worked on several series titled Inventory, Recoveries, Discovered Towns, the Vagabond and the current cycle, Emerging Past.

The themes of Fortunato's paintings are dually wry and subtly thought provoking. He has not exhausted painting the timeless Italian medieval cities and communities that disintegrate and are rebuilt, nor has the Vagabond, the man commonly shown in his work, ceased to explore the smile of the poet's moon, or the future in his quest to find his place in the universe.

Time and our relationship to it is the play of Fortunato's current work. This central theme rules everywhere, as cities float by on decaying leaves, the Vagabond carries a large clock that has no hands, and shrouded scaffolding rises up where an unfinished hull carries a magnificent dome. We are shown the complexity of arches, windows, shadows, and competing towers in which the movement through time and space, and the desire to understand our place within it, challenges the imagination.

Travel with Fortunato, on a schooner, a leaf, a puzzle piece, in a tree. Look where he takes you, visually and imagininatively, and you will not be disappointed.

L.M. Erricson

Fortunato's past exhibitions