A Symphony of Color

Just as a composer chooses his notes and phrasing to create his musical composition, Peter A. Etzer chooses his colors and brush strokes to create his artistic composition. People are drawn to the paintings of Peter A. Etzer because they have a warm, optimistic ambience and are pleasing to the eye. All of his paintings are based on real places in Austria, which even though most people in the United States have never seen, nevertheless seem familiar and comforting. His glowing, yellow fields of Raps in the Wachau remind Californians of the mustard flowers on the floor of the vineyards in Napa Valley.

In contrast to his realistic scenes of landscapes, Etzer's paintings of springtime blosoms or falling leaves in autumn are almost abstract compositions of colors nearly filling the entire canvas. His choice of color and its placement is not random - there is order and harmony without the slightest hint of dissonance. His blooms burst forth with a deluge of color like the strong, forceful staccato notes from Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. Other paintings have the gentle feeling of a Strauss waltz. Etzer is able to capture the sunbeams bouncing off the gentle waves created by the afternoon breeze blowing across the lake at Zell am See. The blues of the sky and water create an atmosphere that is calm and restful even for the most stressed viewer.

Although Etzer is best known for his landscapes, his still lifes of floral arrangements have a quality of a gift that never fades.

David Himmelberger

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