Oleg Drobitko

From the very beginning of his creative journey as a sculptor and painter, Oleg Drobitko set off on the path of reflection and self awareness. "Know thyself and thou shalt know the world." Socrates' basic principle attempted to come closer to the pure inner Truth, but in the end he realized that he knew nothing. Only God knows pure Truth. However, the quest for truth develops thought and exposes human knowledge to be fake knowledge resulting from the use of concepts which have not been thought through.

Drobitko's works disturb without grasping destructively at the soul. The artist wants to get closer to the Truth and shows this process of approach and search - "Know thyself and thou shalt know the world."

Architectural sculpture is ubiquitous in Drobitko's painting. No two concepts are closer in his works than sculpture and painting. By working different materials into the multilayered oil paint structure, his paintings resemble reliefs which may be called sculpture painting. This is not to say that they are illusionary depictions of the background, but rather the "technical forms" are pressed into three-dimensional plastic reality.

Drobitko's Self-portraits demand the immediate, unprejudiced perception of the observer, facilitating the glance in the mirror and coming closer to the truth of one's own self.

The impetus comes from the artist's philosophy of life. His sense of grace, mastery of color, perfection of form as well as his unquenchable thirst for exploring the many corridors of the human soul - these are his achievements and they are not tied to a certain age.

Oleg Drobitko's achievement lies in his ability to integrate clearly and sensitively the dualities of existence in their all-embracing harmony.

David Himmelberger

Past Exhibition - Different Voices, April 2008